Project Description

LEA’s Intelligent Transportation Systems team was recently involved in the specifications design and contract administration of a bus simulator system that provides a simulated, interactive driving environment as part of York Region Transit’s (YRT) innovative driver training program.

LEA has launched two separate simulator systems with the Region. The newest version of the program includes high-definition, customized graphics and environments which replicate select areas of YRT’s recently introduced Viva rapid transit service corridors. The simulator provides YRT with the ability to develop training scenarios to test driver instincts, reactions, and knowledge in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, the driver cab is a replica of a vehicle within their existing fleet, allowing drivers to possess a degree of hands-on experience before they continue training on the road.

YRT is one of North America’s leading early adopters of new technologies and services in the ITS community. LEA is involved with YRT’s expansion efforts in several capacities, and the Bus Simulator ITS system is one of many proud achievements born of this partnership.