Project Description

LEA collaborated with Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation and the City of Toronto to prepare a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Master Plan (Class EA Master Plan) in June 2000 that supports the West Don Lands precinct. The Class EA Master Plan addressed water, sanitary, stormwater, and transportation infrastructure servicing requirements necessary to support the proposed land uses (including new and improved parks and public spaces) that are proposed as part of the revitalization of the West Don Lands precinct.

Changes to the West Don Lands road network included the realignment, extension and closure of several streets within the study area. However, the existing street networks remain largely intact. Safe and convenient road systems were proposed for pedestrians, cyclists and transit vehicles. The Precinct Plan links the Distillery District and Corktown, promoting street continuity of the precinct to the north and west. Sustainability objectives for the transportation system include making public transit, cycling and walking the primary modes of travel. The Master Plan EA study also proposed several alternatives that will upgrade the municipal infrastructure system, installed between 1876 and 1950, to ensure optimal service for the existing, as well as future developments.

The study’s sustainability objectives for the water system involve the active use of water conservation and water efficiency strategies and compatibility with the Toronto’s Water Pollution Solution (“Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan”), and articulated a design strategy that integrates the wastewater collection system with the City’s existing system.

The revitalization of the West Don Lands presented an enormous opportunity to improve the City by addressing derelict brownfield sites and the associated infrastructure. The Master Plan EA concluded that long term improvements to soil, groundwater, surface water and socio economic conditions will result from the implementation of the infrastructure projects presented in the Master Plan. Regeneration and development of new infrastructure in the West Don Lands will have an overall positive effect on the environment, and no significant adverse residual effects are anticipated. The Master Plan EA also supports current initiatives undertaken by The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation