Project Description

LEA was retained by the Michigan Department of Transportation to undertake a key security review, design, and contract administration project for the Blue Water Bridge US-Canada border crossing.

The scope of the project included provisions for security systems and protection across the US portion of the Blue Water Bridge, as well as multiple administration, tolling, customs, and maintenance facilities on the US plaza.

LEA designed and specified CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Fencing, and detection systems for the multiple sites and facilities which culminated in a comprehensive procurement package including specifications, plan drawings, and construction details. LEA assisted MDOT during the bid and procurement phase of the project in selecting a suitable contractor to complete the work.

Once in the deployment phase, LEA provided contract administration consulting services to inspect and approve installations. LEA also developed, and witnessed on behalf of MDOT, a comprehensive systems acceptance testing phase to fully assess system performance and functionality. The system deployment included a modernized security control room system, providing MDOT full surveillance monitoring of all their systems.