Project Description

Project involved rehabilitation of a five span bridge over an environmentally sensitive river in Eastern Ontario. Total length of structure is 125 metres, consisting of concrete deck on plate girder spans, supported by concrete pier walls and abutments on piles.

s work included the inspection, analysis, structural evaluation and detailed design and construction administration for full deck and steel girder replacement, re-facing, extensions and repairs to the pier walls, extensions to the abutments, and CEAA and Provincial environmental screening. The project was undertaken in an Area of Natural Scientific Interest (ANSI), subject to severe regulation by the environmental authorities. Access to the site was engineered from the Wymans Road underpass 2 km to the east. Rare Alvar plant species needed to be avoided in designing the access roads to the site. Fish habitat mitigation was required, and fully engineered geo-grid reinforced access routes and equipment pads were designed for work in the actual river floodplain. Traffic staging and construction access considerations were paramount at this location on the freeway (at the bottom of long approach downgrades, heavy truck volumes).

The staging was designed to permit full 100 km/hr operating speeds to be maintained, with the bridge removals and reconstruction taking place in 4 stages over 2 years. A pre-bridge year was required in order to gain access to the site and carry out the pier and abutment extensions needed to support a new girder line along each side of the deck. The bridge deck needed to be widened by 3m along each side in order to accommodate traffic during the reconstruction. Lateral jacking (Mammoet) and rapid change-out of the bridge in ½ widths was also investigated but found to be too costly at this river location. Design work was completed in 2004 and the construction work was completed in the years 2004 to 2007.

Peter Ojala was the Project Manager and Rick Krutlzer the Chief Bridge Engineer. Alla Dinerman was the Lead Highway and Construction Staging Engineer. Grant Kauffman of LGL carried out the environmental screening for the project. Reconstruction design was carried out in accordance with the evaluation, rehabilitation and design sections of the CHBDC, including upgrading to comply with current seismic design requirements. The National Research Council’s input was sought in order to define the seismic zone at this transition area in the Province.