Project Description

LEA, in a partnership with Globe Risk International (GRI), were contracted to conduct a Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA) and Security Review for the Peel Regional Police’s primary Data Centre facility in Brampton. The threat profile of this building was developed and the risk impact of various vulnerabilities was established. The shared nature of this facility with other Regional departments and clients was captured and considered fully in the assessment. The project team also assessed the physical and security systems measures in place at this location as part of an overall security initiative for the agency. This work built upon the findings and recommendations from several other reviews undertaken by the LEA-GRI team across PRP’s portfolio and culminated in a comprehensive report deliverable to the client.

Technical considerations were provided for the suite of security systems in place including:

  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Intercom Systems
  • Access control & intrusion detection systems
  • Security Management System

Given the sensitive nature of this facility, various vulnerabilities needed to be addressed immediately and were highlighted to the client resulting in rapid mitigation of threats to the facility.