Project Description

Detail design for replacement of three bridges over large rivers along Highway 11 between Longlac and Opasatika, west of Hearst.

The new bridges are three-span concrete deck on pre-stressed precast CPCI 1900 girders (maximum spans 40-41 metres). At Kabinakagami River, Highway 11 was permanently re-aligned over 1.2 kilometres in length. At Pagwachuan River, a two-span two lane detour structure was constructed to carry traffic during construction. At Opasatika River, Highway 11 was permanently re-aligned to the north. Work included environmental assessment stakeholder consultation, Federal and Provincial approvals, bridge engineering, highway engineering, hydrology, foundations and pavement design.

The first photograph above shows the new Kabinakagami River crossing, and the Highway 11 (Trans-Canada) re-alignment which utilized 3 large diameter horizontal curves at the tie-ins and new bridge. The second photograph shows the new Pagwachuan River bridge, which is located at a remote site on Highway 11.