Project Description

Contract MTO2014-5108: Replacement of Valentine River Bridge on Highway 11.

The bridge site is located on Highway 11 west of Hearst, approximately 22 km from the junction of Highway 583 and Highway 11. The contract work included replacement of the Valentine River Bridge on a new alignment located 18 metres south of the existing location.

Highway 11 is a two-lane rural arterial undivided highway, on an east-west alignment at this site. Traffic volumes are approximately 2500 vehicles per day (AADT). An existing two lane thirteen-span, 62 meter long, timber deck on timber pile bents bridge carried Highway 11 over the Valentine River, and was replaced with a new two-lane structure.

General project details include the following:

  • Construction of a new cast-in-place concrete deck on welded structural steel I-girder bridge over Valentine River, supported by concrete abutment walls on piles. The watercourse will be clear-spanned by the new 49.5 metre long single span, integral abutment structure.
  • Highway 11 was re-aligned by 18 metres south of the existing alignment. The new structure was built in a single stage. The additional costs, environmental, and construction schedule impacts associated with a two-lane detour were avoided with the south re-alignment.