Project Description

Preliminary and detail design for two bridge replacements on Highway 11 near Cochrane and Hearst.

Work involved foundation investigations, preliminary engineering for various bridge options and approach road alignments, TESR, hydrology and preparation of preliminary design reports, followed by detail design investigations, engineering and contracts preparation. The new Frederick House River bridge is a three span concrete deck on steel girder structure, with an 80 metre long main span, and the Kendall Creek bridge is a single 26 metre span integral abutment with a precast box girder superstructure. Highway 11 was re-aligned to the north at the Frederick House River site, and a single lane TMB was installed to carry traffic during construction at the Kendall Creek site.

Engineering work included detailed structural and highway design, along with preparation of the tender drawings and documents, and obtaining all Federal and Provincial approvals required for the work. Both bridges were successfully constructed by 2012.