Project Description

LEA Consulting Ltd., IBI Group and SNC Lavalin (Crosstown Consortium) were retained by the Toronto Transit Commission to design Dufferin Station on the proposed Eglinton Crosstown LRT line. The ECLRT is one of four funded light rail projects being planned and managed by the TTC and funded by the Regional Transportation Authority, Metrolinx.

The TTC has completed the Transit City Eglinton Crosstown LRT EA study in March 2010, identifying the preferred alignment for the LRT line. The ECLRT line will eventually extend over 33km along the Eglinton Corridor. It will operate at grade at the eastern and western end, and will operate underground in the 11 km long middle section between Keele Street and Lair Avenue. A total of 12 underground stations spaced roughly 850 m apart will service the underground portion.

The project involves the preparation of a conceptual design, the preliminary and final design for a two-level below grade subway station as well as construction cost estimates, bills of quantities and contract documents and the provision of liaison services during construction. The Crosstown Consortium and its sub consultants are providing a comprehensive range of services including, but not limited to: architecture, structural engineering, civil/transportation engineering of the surface elements of the station (commuter parking, passenger pick-up and drop-off, bus terminal, road extension, pedestrian entrances, utility relocation, staging plans), mechanical and electrical components, landscaping, environmental, and geotechnical engineering.

LEA Consulting Ltd. is providing structural and civil/transportation services. Civil/Transportation Services includes design of the Municipal Services and Utilities relocation/protection and liaison during construction.