Project Description

The City of Red Deer had an aging legacy coaxial and 2-wire phone line communications system driving their street traffic monitoring operation, and ongoing costs and maintenance were becoming an issue. Eight (8) street level CCTVs were deployed to replace and enhance the City’s roadway monitoring coverage for surveying traffic conditions through the major roadways.

LEA was contracted to provide a technology assessment of the current CCTV and city-wide communications system to optimize costs to maintain the City’s street traffic monitoring function. The City of Red Deer faces extreme temperatures – with consideration to this challenging environment, ruggedized equipment was designed to ensure continuous operation of the traffic monitoring equipment at the street level and within traffic controller cabinets.

The Traffic Management Centre utilized a Video Management System with an integrated Video Display Control System to populate all street video streams to a video display wall, airing real-time traffic monitoring CCTVs. Traffic congestion monitoring software was also applied to the traffic Management Centre, enhancing the operator’s ability to evaluate traffic incidents and respond appropriately.

LEA successfully submitted a designed solution and installation that met the goals, objectives, and budget of the City of Red Deer.