What makes us different?

The factors that set LEA apart can be traced back to our beginnings as a company. We were founded in the mid-1960s as ND-Lea Associates Ltd on principles that we still apply to our work today. Norman Lea and Al Andrews, the founders of the Company, believed in a few key principles: engineering consultancies should be employee owned, they should focus on innovation and thought leadership, and they should grow organically based on the overall quality of their work.

Our Continued Success

By understanding our current ownership, approach, values, and goals, we hope it is clear how we have held true to our founding principles. Our differences are our strengths, and we hope they make us the right choice for you.

Our Ownership

LEA is one hundred percent employee owned and operated, and it will remain that way. Our structure is what brings us together while giving us the freedom to exceed expectations and do what it takes to succeed. Our senior staff members are hands on and always actively involved in all projects from beginning to end – we owe that to our deeply embedded culture of freedom, flexibility and passion for our work.

Our Approach

We treat your business as our own by partnering with you at all levels. What that means is we look for ways to create added value; to go above and beyond to deliver results that exceed expectations rather than just meet them. Many projects today require a blending of firms and individuals with specialized skills. LEA has extensive experience in successfully managing multi-disciplinary teams. Our ability to integrate several disciplines under one project is one of the most important strengths to our approach.

What We Value

In short, we value our freedom, our people, and our strong relationships. Our freedom is a founding principle of LEA, and it is why we are good at what we do. Our people are free to develop and nurture their career and deliver superior, cost-effective solutions for our projects. Our relationships are built on trust, and reinforced by a mutual understanding of why working closely together as partners is so valuable.

What We Strive For

Our independence is integral to who we are and how we operate here at LEA, and it is ultimately what makes us better. It allows us the freedom to work for you while holding us accountable for the quality of our work. LEA is committed to the principle that our success is measured in terms of our client’s satisfaction, and the realization of their social, economic, and environmental objectives. Our proven track record, combined with the freedom that allows us to continue succeeding, is what we strive to maintain.