The LEA Group

Established in Canada in 1953, the LEA Group provides consulting and advisory services on global infrastructure projects.

LEA is committed to delivering world-class capabilities to its clients and enhancing the environments in which we live. We do this by offering a resource pool of over 2,200 staff who are backed by years of experience, work in collaborative environments, use state-of-the-art design tools, and are trained on the most advanced and integrated engineering systems. Our innovative approach allows us to successfully deliver some of the most complex projects in the world.LEA is entirely owned and managed by senior professionals, each responsible for overseeing projects as well as daily operations. This ownership strengthens the firm’s client service, commitment to technical excellence, assurance to best quality, and overall cost-effectiveness.

LEA offers multi-disciplinary engineering and planning consultancy services for:

  • Traffic and transportation
  • Highways
  • Municipal and utility services
  • Water resources
  • Urban planning
  • Railways and transit
  • Tourism
  • Environmental and social

Our client base includes public and private sectors, multilateral funding organizations, and global government agencies.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors:

Pinaki Roychowdhury, M.Tech.
CEO, LEA Group

Rick Krutzler, P.Eng.
Senior Vice President

Pradyot Biswas
Associate Director – India

J K Das
Associate Director

Mohammad Majdabadi, M.Sc. PE, P.Eng.
Vice President

Dr. M P Raju, Ph.D.
Managing Director India

Leo Rojas, P.Eng.
Senior Vice President

Shahé Sagharian
Vice President

Terry Wallace, P.Eng.
President, LEA Canada

Corporate Policies

Our Mission

Connect People Through Infrastructure

We build and connect strong, thriving communities through world-class engineering and planning solutions. We achieve success by providing superior consulting services that our clients are thrilled with, and that our partners are excited to collaborate on. We do this all in a nurturing environment where our employees are inspired to succeed and progress their careers.

Quality Policy

Being employee owned, our work is closely managed by senior professionals. Through total engagement and strict project management at all levels, LEA ensures that only high quality work is delivered to our clients.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to the economic development of the countries in which we operate. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standard in every area we do business by recognizing and respecting local laws and culture.

Safety, Health, and the Environment

We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Safety, the health of people around the globe, and the social and environmental needs of the communities we live and work in are paramount to our organization.

Code of Ethics

We value principles, fairness, and uncompromising ethics in all our professional dealings. Our code of ethics is integral to our corporate governance. All employees are guided by honesty and professionalism.



4 Continents | 2,200+ People | 2,500+ Projects| 40+ Countries



  • 1953

    T.O. Lazarides and Murray Lount opened an office on Scollard St. in Toronto, specializing in structural engineering. The firm’s skills were put to the test following Hurricane Hazel which demolished several bridges in southern Ontario in October of 1954.
  • 1960

    Lazarides, Lount and Partners was acquired by Nick Damas and Bob Smith and renamed Damas & Smith Ltd. The firm added transportation planning, highway design and municipal engineering to its scope of services in the 1960’s and opened offices in Winnipeg, Ottawa and London.
  • 1962

    N.D Lea & Associates was founded in Vancouver British Columbia by Norman (Norm) Lea and Al Andrews. The first major project undertaken by the company was the Upper Levels Highway Widening through North and West Vancouver. Photo: Norm Lea (left) and Al Andrews (right).
  • 1963

    In 1963 Norm moved to Toronto to set up an office in Ontario, while Al continued to manage the Vancouver office.
  • 1967

    Norm and Al reformed N.D. Lea & Associates with offices in Oakville, ON and Vancouver, BC.
  • 1968

    ND Lea expanded overseas in 1968 with the award of a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) project in Trinidad This was the first of many international projects which took the Company to Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • 1978

    In 1978 Al took over as President of ND Lea and Norman remained Chairman of the Board.
  • 1979 – 1984

    The first half of the 1980’s was a period of significant growth for ND Lea, particularly in Vancouver, led by major projects such as the Skytrain Automated Light Rail Transit System, the design of the Annacis and Coquihalla Highways and the Cambie Street Bridge.
  • 1982 – 1984

    Damas & Smith merged with J.D. Lee, who had offices in Kingston and Brantford, to form DSL Consultant. In 1984 DSL Consultants was acquired by ND Lea to strengthen its operations in Ontario. ND Lea was reorganized into four regional entities under the ND Lea umbrella: ND Lea Consultants (Vancouver), DS Lea Consultants (Winnipeg), DS-Lea Associates (Ontario) and ND Lea International for all projects outside Canada.
  • 1993

    ND Lea expanded its Asian operations to India with the formation of LEA Associates South Asia (LASA).
  • 1998

    Several of the owners of the ND Lea group acquired DS-Lea Associates and LASA. DS-Lea was re-named LEA Consulting Ltd. and, together with LEA International and LASA, the current LEA Group of Companies was formed.
  • 1999

    LEA Consulting started offering services for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and subsequently for infrastructure security systems.
  • 2004

    LASA won its first project in Ethiopia and has since expanded into Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Mauritius and Oman.
  • 2015

    LEA Consulting expanded its structural engineering services from the design of transportation facilities to include buildings.
  • 2016

    LEA opens its second GTA location in the heart of downtown Toronto .
  • 2017

    LASA celebrates its 25th Year of Operation.
  • 2019

    The LEA Group celebrates its 65th year of operation.


LEA Consulting Ltd.

LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd.

LEA International Ltd.

LEA International


LEA Consulting Ltd./LEA International Ltd.
Suite 900, 625 Cochrane Drive
Markham, ON- L3R 9R9, Toronto, Canada
T: 001 905 470 0015

LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
B-1/E-27, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,
Mathura Road, New Delhi 110 044, India
T: 91 11 2697 3950 52, 41678150