LEA Consulting Ltd. is committed to excellence and providing quality engineering and planning consulting to a wide range of clients across Canada for over 65 years. We are an employee-owned company driven by our Core Values to all of our stakeholders.

Core Values

Career Development

Whether you are just starting off or are an experienced engineer / professional, expanding your skills and developing your potential to grow your career is something we take seriously.


Being able to take ownership of proposals and projects provides the autonomy to focus and grow within the company. Our organizational structure gives us the freedom to exceed expectations and do what it takes to succeed.

Work-Life Balance

We recognize that work is important but makes up only one part of a larger picture of life. Our employees are empowered to build a responsible work-life model that reflects the needs of their unique lifestyles and still enables them to achieve maximum productivity.

Corporate Social Responsbility

We take pride in encouraging our employees to reach out to their communities to develop strong, personal relationships and form bonds with those impacted by our work. To learn more about our corporate social responsibility efforts, click here.

Benefits and Perks

Competitive Salaries

Professional Growth

Flexible Work Arrangements

Health Coverage

RRSP Matching Program

Employee Discounts

Social Events

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