First of all, there are two things you should know about LEA. We are a medium sized company and we intend to stay that way – meaning we prefer to grow by recruiting people who share our common values. Secondly, we are employee-owned. About 35% of our employees are shareholders and no one owns more than 6% of the Company. This is all to say, we are a close-knit group that works hard so we all succeed together.

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So what is it like to work at LEA Consulting? We asked a sample of our employees to tell us what they valued about their time here. Some of the perks of working for LEA include:

  • Monday through Thursday, we have a business casual dress code and Fridays are more casual.
  • Your overall contribution is more valued than the time you arrived at the office – if you are getting work done then the hours are flexible, and the system is capable of supporting remote work.
  • Junior and intermediate staff are often given the freedom to choose what projects they work on.
  • The close relationship between coworkers and between LEA and our clientele creates an environment where you get valuable feedback on a project by project basis.
  • As an employee owned company, LEA provides plenty of opportunity for advancement and the ability to share in the financial success of our projects.
  • Freedom from “red tape” and overly complicated hierarchical structures.
  • You’ll find an office full of professionals committed to the work. Everybody is approachable and trusts one another to get the job done.
  • That isn’t to say we don’t have fun! Visits to the theatre, skiing, golf, canoe trips, Christmas parties, bowling, and barbeques are all events put together by our social committee – who are always open to new ideas.