Project Description

Contract MTO2016-3006: Highway 401 Underpass at Highway 19.

The project involved the replacement of the Highway 401 Underpass Structure at Highway 19 and associated interchange improvements in the Town of Ingersoll, Oxford County.

The project included the following significant work activities:

  • Replacement of Highway 401 Underpass structure at Highway 19 on existing alignment;
  • Replacement of the structure followed the Get-In-Get-Out construction methodology with a Highway 19 closure of three months;
  • Modifications to the Highway 19 profile to allow for the new bridge deck depth;
  • Construction of two single-lane roundabouts at the ramp terminals and associated modification to the ramps;
  • The commuter parking lot in the north-west quadrant of the interchange was retained and the pavement resurfaced;
  • Replacement/repairs to the median barrier and storm sewer to accommodate the new bridge priers and overhead sign footings in the Highway 401 median;
  • Installation of four overhead signs on Highway 401