Each year, the Canada – Africa Chamber of Business holds a series of events as part of their Africa Accelerating conference. The 4th Doing Business in Africa Today seminar was held on October 29th as part of the conference, where attendees gained insight into the reality of doing business in Africa in 2019.

John Farrow, President of LEA International, presented at the event, sharing LEA’s experience on projects across Africa. The Prime Minister of Lesotho, Rt. Hon Dr. Thabane was in attendance, along with a number of leaders from other African countries. John shared lessons learned about implementing infrastructure development in Africa. Key themes that emerged at this gathering included the youthfulness of the African population, the rapid rate of growth in cities, the importance of Agriculture and natural resources, and the urgent need for infrastructure improvements across the continent. Through the insights provided by stakeholders and representatives from Africa, it became clear that there will continue to be a strong demand for the engineering and planning expertise that consultants provide. The “Canadian” brand is well regarded and respected in many African countries, and Canadian expertise is increasingly valuable.

The LEA Group has been present in Africa since 2005, successfully completing over 50 projects across the continent. LEA remains actively involved in infrastructure projects, including recent projects in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. We look forward to our continued work in Africa and hope to remain a model resource for our clients and partners.


John FarrowLEA Contact:

John Farrow
President, LEA International